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subscription baskets
how does it work?
1. join the club
Subscribe to any one of our baskets and get the best local products for up to 30% off their shelf price. 
2. we'll call you
We'll give you a call before preparing your basket, so you know exactly what seasonal goodies you're getting this time.
3. take it easy
Get your basket delivered for free. Hungry? Lucky for you you're fully stocked. Just relax and enjoy.
what's in each basket?
the weekly basket
assorted fresh baked breads,
mo'ajanat, pastries & sweets.
a jar for your pantry and 
one of a fresh dairy product.
6 fresh organic eggs
0.5 L of cold-pressed juice
2 kg of seasonal fruits
and vegetables
a bouquet of fresh cut flowers, greens and herbs.
assorted fresh baked breads,
mo'ajanat, pastries & sweets.
3 jars for your pantry 
2 of seasonal Pickles and ferments.
0.5 L of extra virgin olive oil
a seasonal molasses or jam
Two large jars of local grains, like wheat, chickpeas or lentils
4 kg of seasonal fruits
and vegetables
a potted edible plant for
your home
the monthly basket
the care package

A large scented candle

3 of our handmade soaps

Hydrating rose-water skin cream

Exfoliating skin scrub

Aromatic bath salts

Loose-leaf, herbal tea

A potted, stress-free succulent

want to make a change?
No problem. You can swap out any item for something else, just let us know when we call.
not sure? want to try it first?
You can buy any basket once. Or subscribe to save up to 30%. You can cancel anytime.
اطلبها مرة وحدة
order them once
مع انك هون
while you're at it
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