pantry essentials

These are things we always need on hand. Directly sourced from our community of producers or made in house. Trusted and used in our kitchen. This might be the upgrade your pantry has been waiting for.

from our bakery

Fresh baked every day, our signature Kmaj bread is made with a naturally fermented dough of wheat, water, salt and nothing else.

Our doughs undergo long natural fermentations and use freshly milled, unsifted whole wheat flour that yield more nutritious and delicious breads. 

it takes

One powerful ingredient can elevate your cooking, here are some secret mixes we make for our pantry.

go with your gut
naturally fermented.
quality ingredients.
rich in probiotics.


Organic, hormone and anti-biotic free Egg, laid by healthy, happy chickens at Mujeb Organic Farm.


We work with a artisanal cheese-makers, sourcing their milk directly from local shepherds and making all cheese by hand.