• Karma Malhas

From Bar Night to Shams Sets: Al Nather

The past few months have been such an exciting time at Shams El Balad as we branched out into the world of music and nightlife. It was definitely a thought we had brewing for a while but it all happened in the spur of the moment.

We threw our first Bar Night on the last Thursday of December. It was a bit of a rush getting everything together for the first time. The restaurant team was putting together a bar from scratch and I spent the day teaching myself what I could to DJ the first night. A lot of our friends showed up and other people at the restaurant ended up joining. It felt like a really good house-party. After that we decided to make it a weekly event.

Week after week there were many familiar faces but also so many new people we've never seen before. Soon after, we were being contacted by DJ's and artists who were interested in collaborating with us, and that opened a door to a whole new world. Within the first two months we hosted some of the most talented DJs in the region as well as internationally. We had the pleasure of working with ShabJameed, Manaf Khatib, Zenim, The Mango Thief, Luteca and Sotusura from Amman, as well as Al Nather and Shabmouri from Palestine, Habibi Funk, Mykki Blanco and Splash in a Wingspan from Berlin and New York. It was such an incredible experience learning from these artists. It made us so grateful to have a space where we can bring all these people together with our community in Amman.

While it's obviously not possible for us to keep having Bar Night, we want to keep connecting you with the musical talents in our region and beyond. To continue learning and discovering new sounds with you we've taken bar night online as "Shams Sets". Hopefully bringing you music from talented DJs and artists every weekend. These will include some recorded sets from Bar Nights past as well as curated playlists and new sets as we keep delving deeper. We can't be together for a while, but we can always dance together apart!

Our first published set is by Al-Nather. A producer, DJ and MC based in Ramallah Palestine. Part of Saleb Wahad crew and co-founder of BLTNM.

You can listen and stay up to date on our Soundcloud page

**We are always looking to work with new talent, please reach out if you're interested!

P.S. You can now buy a digital download of posters designed for Bar Night through our shop page


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