• Karma Malhas

Shams Sets: Yazan Sarayreh

Super excited to be uploading a special set by Yazan Sarayreh! A compilation of tracks from his new album "شرق التبانة"!

Being exposed to western sounds through cultural youth exchanges and volunteer work in Europe at a young age, Yazan is a multi-instrumentalist Bedouin from the deserts of Jordan telling the story of his journey through music.

Dressing an authentic Bedouin sound with an indie psychedelic outfit, the one-man show introduces both cultures to each other in one sound.

With No pre-recorded playback tracks on stage, using live instruments, analog synth and a loopstation, the performance isn't just an event to attend, it's an artistic trip to be experienced.

Listen to it here or on our Soundcloud!


 (06) 465 1150

69 Mu'Ath Bin Jabal Street

Amman, Jordan

خليك دائماً على علم
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