Pepper & Pistachio Tursha


Most people don’t know how to define ‘tursha’, probably because it is a word that is widely used across different cultures. At Shams, we define it as any vegetables that’s sliced finely and fermented in its own juices.


A new tursha in our kitchen this season using local, green peppers (Qarn El Ghazal), fresh za'atar leaves, pistachios, salt and olive oil. This is not a spicy tursha, but rather a sweet, herbacious and nutty ferment that goes well with just about anything.

  • Ingredients

    Qarn El Ghazal Peppers, Fresh Za'atar Leaves, Pistachios, Salt, Olive Oil

  • Made In


 (06) 465 1150

69 Mu'Ath Bin Jabal Street

Amman, Jordan