• Refresh Basket


    A curated baskets of fresh, seasonal local products for your kitchen. Designed to be versatile and useful at any time, whether you're looking to cook up a feast or just put together a quick snack. 


    Each Refresh basket includes: 

    1. assorted fresh baked breads, mo'ajanat, pastries & sweets.
    2. A jar for your pantry and one of a fresh dairy product.
    3. 6 fresh organic eggs
    4. 0.5 L of cold-pressed juice
    5. 2 kg of seasonal fruits and vegetables
    6. a bouquet of fresh cut flowers, greens and herbs.


    **Some items change seasonally, our team will call after you've placed your order to confirm exactly what's available right now.

    take me back to

     (06) 465 1150

    69 Mu'Ath Bin Jabal Street

    Amman, Jordan

    خليك دائماً على علم
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