• Serax Pantone Orchidpot with Gardenia Plant

    SKU: 5420000673861

    Serax Pantone Large Orchidpot

    Color: Pink

    Dimensions: H 21.5 cm x D 17.9 cm


    Indoor Gardenia Plant

    General Care



    Gardenias need at least four hours of sunlight daily.



    Gardenias don't like to dry out, so keep their soil moist but not soggy.



    Gardenia's enjoy humidity, but be careful not to spritz the leaves with water as this might cause them to rot.



    Average home temperature of 18°C-23°C. At night they prefer a much colder temperature raging from 10°C-15°C.




    • Care Instructions

      Your Gardenia can be kept indoors near sunlight. 

      Monitor the soil frequently for moisture, and water thoroughly as the top inch of soil dries.

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