Carrot Maftoul

One of our absolute favorite recipes from the restaurant. A surprisingly simple method that yields big flavor.

Carrot maftoul

Maftoul has always been one of my absolute favorite things to eat. Naturally, it was one of the first foods we explored with our revamped dinner menu in 2017. Its probably the dish that stayed on the menu the longest and definitely in my top three.

The base for this recipe, an aromatic chickpea and onion stock, is inspired by the traditional recipe I grew up eating. But we’ve upped the ante with briny capers, sweet raisins, crunchy almonds and a few more aromatics to compliment the humble carrot, an underrated vegetable in our cooking. Most of these additions are ingredients many of us already have at home and very easy to find.

While maftool is usually steamed over the stock, we cook it right in the pan with all the other ingredients. This method rewards you with more complex flavors and gives you more control to get the cook on the maftool just right. I prefer a bite to mine, but others who prefer it more plump can just add a bit more stock and cook for slightly longer. 

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