Colors of Winter

A series of still life photographs that dedicate a moment to appreciate the profound beauty of the season's bounty.

Shams El Balad Qais Malhas Colors of Winter Photography Print Collection

Over the past five years, learning how to be a chef while running a restaurant, I have made the analogy between cooking and painting countless times. Cooking without activating your senses is like painting with a blindfold on and tasting sensitive, seasonal food is in many ways like seeing color in an otherwise black and white world. 

In fact, these photographs are very much a reflection of how we cook and eat at Shams. Recognizing that we can do very little to improve upon these natural creations, our role is to highlight their strengths with minimal intervention. Giving each its time in the sun, we plainly yet powerfully share the sheer pleasure of these ingredients. Making use of our senses to harness our creativity in ways that are best suited to whatever we’re handling. These images share a snapshot of our philosophy and approach to good cooking.

Taken during a time of reflection and repose, this series of still life photographs dedicates a moment to carefully consider the precious ingredients of the season. Their shape and form, smooth grooves and sharp edges, the dirt and bruises that all bring these everyday objects to life. The sharp contrast of the backgrounds against the rich grittiness of the subjects reveals their profound natural beauty. These are real everyday ingredients, uncleaned and imperfect captured in a moment of intention. They may not all be pretty, but they sure are beautiful.

The entire collection is now available to order online and ship internationally both framed and unframed.